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When Life becomes still, creativity is born.


My journey began after moving from a large city to a small rural community, population, 1,500.  My eyes became fully aware, for the first time in my life, of color, nature and my surroundings. I was introduced to oil pastels through an artist in the community....and that was it!  As I began painting; shapes, patterns and the female form just started pouring out of me. I am self taught and feel I was uninhibited in my execution. Colors were coming from deep within my soul and I was loving every minute of it.

I am extremely passionate about children's artwork and feel my work has somewhat of the same naivety and whimsy.  I also like putting colors together that shouldn't gives me pause, but in a good way. My paintings do not feel complete, until I outline my work in black....  It is my way of bringing the painting to life. 

I am a native of Columbus, Ohio. I have lived the past 21 years, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in the historic village of McConnelsville, Ohio.


My inspiration.



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